What is identity theft and how does it happen?

Identity theft is an act of using another person’s identity without their consent. This is done by forging a SSN card or any personal ID to apply for credit. Aside from forging your documents, there are also instances where other people can acquire your information in ways you wouldn’t expect or even know.

In worse cases, the person who might steal your personal information can be someone close to you. It usually is someone you live with at home and has easier access to your data.

The most common way for your personal information to get compromised is by a data breach. Most recently, it occurs with breaches in the online security of big institutions like banks and government agencies. Once a hacker gets a lot of personal data, they will sell it to identity thieves committing identity theft. After acquiring other people’s information, they will start using it to apply for credit and make other fraudulent transactions using the stolen identity

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