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Slate Credit Repair offers credit repair services to fit every need and budget. No matter what option you choose, we start by obtaining your credit reports and working with you to determine what negative items we can help you target.

From there, we’ll send dispute letters about those negative items to all three credit bureaus and your creditors. Credit repair is rarely easy, but we stand by our process and will escalate issues as necessary. We also provide personalized analysis and credit counseling education to help you manage your credit wisely moving forward.

How Much Does Slate Credit Repair Cost?

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What if I can't afford credit repair?

While credit repair may seem like an unnecessary luxury, the potential savings that can be achieved by taking control of your credit far outweighs the cost. An improved score could save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a loan. Very few investments have the potential for such an amazing return.
That being said, even if you cannot afford Slate Credit Repairs services today, we still want to help you with your credit. That’s why Slate Credit Repair offers a free online credit assessment, with information on how your credit score is calculated, how to read your credit reports and some simple steps you can take to start working on your credit score.
You can also attempt to repair your credit reports on your own. While it can be a very time-consuming and frustrating chore, and you must familiarize yourself with credit laws, a good credit score is worth the effort. To get started, you can learn more about the credit reporting system in our Knowledge Hub.
When are funds drafted?

Our first work fee is charged 5-15 days after engaging our service. This first work fee is separate from your monthly billing cycle and is the charge to set up your account. It includes gathering your credit information, helping you choose challenge reasons, building a custom plan around your unique situation and even sending out the first round of communications to the bureaus and your creditors.

Thirty days after this first work fee, the monthly bill for our services is charged. This is where the bulk of our work happens, and it includes pulling updated reports, monitoring your credit, reviewing responses from the bureaus and more.

Just like typical utilities, we bill after service is rendered, meaning we only charge you for work that we’ve completed. This also means that you will receive a final bill from us, even after cancellation.

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